The Future Is In Your Hands

Founded in Cape Town in 2020, Eco Lifestyle is a South African online store that prides itself as a one-stop shopping experience. We focus on 8 diverse departments with over 2000 products ranging from homeware to outdoor essentials and everything in between.

Our Vision. Our Goals.

We look at consumption as an ongoing act which has an immediate and enduring effect on both yourself and the planet. Therefore, we aim to be future vigilant with innovation at our forefront.

We add ammo to this aim by sourcing and providing products that are sustainable both in terms of quality and environmental effect. Our team is committed to sourcing products that allow and encourage our customers to make decisions in favor of the planet and their own well-being.

Our vision began with the idea to produce school backpacks and reusable shopping bags for large South African retailers. Once this idea was brought to life with retailers such as Spar, Pick n Pay and Makro becoming our clients, the founders decided it was time to expand their vision.

This expansion was guided through a customer-centric approach of becoming a one-stop shopping experience. This vision was achieved in 2020 with the founders launching their own online store,

Today, Eco Lifestyle offers a wide variety of products throughout 8 departments, namely Eco-Friendly, Homeware, Kitchen & Bar, Outdoor, Braai, Travel, Pets and Celebrations.

Though our vision is always expanding, our values have remained grounded with our customers and our planet the center of every decision.

Our Eco Lifestyle Team

Issy Levy


Luciano Levy


Vidhantha Seebran

Shipping Manager

Rita Morides

Sales South Africa

Sharon Steyn

Online Sales Manager

Marisa Petersen

Retail Sales Manager

Charmaine Ferriera

Account Manager

Noah Satz

Technical Lead

Mia Halford

Graphic Designer

Megan Bastick

Graphic Designer

Cassidy Van Wyk

Warehouse Manager

Samantha Petersen


Simbonile Seyamo


Diane Hendricks