Gonn. With the Wind!

Say goodbye to the stink with 100% natural Gonn. armpit care! Designed with the goal of preventing smells rather than merely masking them! As opposed to the traditional antiperspirant, Gonn. prefers to label themselves an...

Sustainable Sipping with Hunu!

"Designed to go where life takes you" 16 billion is a massive number to even try write out, never mind the visual of 16 billion cups. This is how many one-use cups are used and...

0% interest, 100% efficiency!

Introducing Payflex! The newest addition to our online payment options and your new favourite way to shop! We are always looking for ways to make our online shopping experience easier and to make shopping eco...

What does 1% mean to you?

  1% of your day is 14,4 minutes. 1% of an hour is 3,5 minutes. 1% of a standard Cape Town latte is R0,35.   For us, 1% may seem insignificant and fleeting, yet for...

Overcome the Summer Slump!

Make this Back2School Season the Least Slump-full One Yet!

Self-sufficiency and Inner Peace: The Healing Power of Horticulture

Aligning with our core value of sustainability, we have added a range of greenhouses to our offering at Eco Lifestyle!

Our Summer Menu: Cocktails, Mocktails and Party Games!

The sun may melt the ice, but our selection of festive games and glassware will break it!

Fill Your Soul Without Emptying Your Wallet: Mindfulness and Minimalism When Camping

Shopping With a Purpose, Packing With a Plan and Leaving Without a Trace!

Eco’s LOVE List: A Curated Guide of Cape Towns' best Picnic Spots

Celebrate the LOVE with Eco Lifestyle this Valentine's Day!