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Metal Spiral LED Solar Light

R 195.00
The spiral LED solar lamp, useful on the balcony and in the garden, will give an amazing atmosphere to any evening!

The future of lighting. LED lighting made standard bulbs, which consume several times more electricity, a thing of the past with a bang. In addition to energy efficiency, they are also much more durable and safer to use. 

The solar lamp has the shape of a spiral with as many as 40 LEDs on it! The spiral is attached to the hanger, which is also responsible for charging our solar panel. It is simply discreetly mounted on a small solar panel that charges the battery. The whole hanger measures 35 cm, and the spiral itself measures 25 by 22.5 cm. The device is available in 2 colour versions: black and white, so we can easily choose them to our liking. How does it work? We take it out of the package, turn the switch to ON, hang it in a place exposed to the sun and after an appropriate time, we can enjoy free light at night. Simple and easy, right?

Product features:
  • 40 LEDs
  • solar panel and switch placed in the hanger
  • total length 35 cm
  • spiral dimensions: 25 x 22.5 cm
  • rechargeable battery 200 mAh
  • Switch

Metal Spiral LED Solar Light

R 195.00