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Party Pack - Set of 4

R 199.00

Pre-Packed Party Pack - Set of 4

This Convenient, Colourful and Vibrant Pre-Party Packs for a Kids Party,

Is convenient and stress-free for the Host/ Hostess and will keep the

Little ones entertained and they will have fun interacting.


Each Party Pack includes the following

  1. 1 x Gift Bag (which consist of 4 beautiful and colorful designs)
  2. 1 x 3 Pack Playdough
  3. 1 x A6 Note Pad with Pen
  4. 1 x Alphabet and Diamante sticker
  5. 1 x Assorted Shape Design Stickers

Gift Bag

Our Giftbag made from paper is perfect for presenting gifts bags to Guest, bag is .210 gram

Sticker set

Decorate anything with our assortment of designs in a variety of materials, sizes, colors, and shapes

Assorted shapes and Alphabets

Pack of Three Playdough

our play dough in pot 2oz, is fun to play with and sculpt whatever you want

4 assorted 3d happy birthday designs: elephant, dragon, panda, and lion.

A6 Note Pad with Pen

This A6 Note Pad with Pen will keep the little one busy drawing or writing.

Our Offer is for 4 x Party Packs consisting of the above items

Ending the party on a very favorable and memorable note

Party Pack - Set of 4

R 199.00