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Hanging Metal Wild Bird Feeding House

R 195.00R 325.00

Encourage small and medium-sized birds to feed.

The large bird feeder stations are ideal for refilling with small seeds and sunflower hearts which will encourage the wild birds to stay around your house and in your garden to feed and nest.

The modern, unique, unusual, and fun designed bird feeder house is available in 3 striking colours – red, green and grey – and the eye-catching bird feeding house designs means you can clearly see through the window how much has been eaten or when it needs filling up. 

The easy home is made from durable, painted metal with a contrasting grey metal roof rather than plastic. This means any water can run off and not rot the item, thus giving it a longer life span.

Easy for hanging from any tree, bush, balcony, window, bracket, hanging basket with the hanger loop provided with each bird feeding house - you can even hang from a pole or just put it on a table.

Just unfold the metal perch stations, fill up the bird nut feeder and the wild birds can start feeding. The bird feeder is easy to keep clean. Just remove the roof, rinse, or brush out and refill as needed. 

This item comes fully assembled in its original box and would make a cute and sweer addition to any garden or the perfect kit gift for any nature lover in your family.


  • The unique and unusual design, in its original box, helps make this the perfect gift for wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Eco friendly, this colourful birds feeding gadget means wild birds will start to flock to your garden in search of regular food during the winter months.
  • It can be stacked full of any seed, like poppy, or nut, like peanuts, to keep the peckish wild bird population in your area well-fed over the winter months.


  • Holds 440g of peanuts or seeds or fruit like a sliced apple, and is easy to clean. Just remove the roof, clean and refill. The seeds can be pecked through the wire mesh or dropped into the tray feeder at the bottom.
  • This garden bird feeder station is a 2 storey house design with sealed plastic windows to ensure seeds don't fall out of the holder.
  • Colour painted stainless steel metal structure in 3 eye-catching colours (red, green, or grey) with a practical metal roof.


  • Material: steel
  • Size: 12 x 12 x 25.8 cm ( L x W x H )
  • Weight: 0.454g.

    Hanging Metal Wild Bird Feeding House

    R 195.00R 325.00


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