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Wok Copper - 28cm

R 549.00

The wok is perfect for cooking family-sized meals. Constructed from ultra-tough ceramic and infused with our special non-stick coating. Perfect for stir-fry chicken and a ton of other recipes that you can try.


- Wok forged

- Die-cast with copper color outside

- Inside marble

- Non-stick coating


- Material: Copper/Marble Non-Stick Coating

- Colour: Copper

- Wok Dimensions: 28 x 8cm

- Thickness: 2.5mm

- Bottom: 4.5mm (induction)

- Weight: 0.98g

- Warranty: 6 Months

The warranty period of the product is 6 months. It covers only the manufacturing defects and does not cover the damage caused by the misuse and abuse of the product. Warranty is also negligible if the product is caused damage due to negligence, accident, exposure to high temperatures etc.

Wok Copper - 28cm

R 549.00