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50ml Fynemist Lavender Luxury

R 120.00R 149.00

Fynemist LAVENDER LUXURY scent is the one for the deep thinkers, poets, and writers. Our Lavender Luxury blend is loved by all. It has the definitive floral essence with herby, spicy notes enhanced with traces of citrus. 

Lavender is known to promote relaxation and sleep. It can also treat anxiety, depression and migraines.  It is such a potent oil that results in early studies show it can even reduce labour pains

Warning: Not to be used by people with bleeding disorders or on blood thinners.

Learn our first sensational secret to put the romance back in your relationship… bring back the mystery to your bedroom, by keeping the odours out…with our before you go pre toilet sprays!

Our before you go toilet sprays are the perfect solution to help you regain your confidence and get rid of the anxiety and shame we all feel related to odours.  It really works and there are six gorgeous scents to choose from. 

No more humiliation, leaving the toilet scared somebody else want to follow you in. 

Now you can use the bathroom with confidence anywhere… at home… at the office… at a friend’s house… or your boyfriend’s house! 

Keep the mystery alive!

How pre-toilet sprays work to put the sparks back

Spritz your Fynemists pre-toilet spray in the toilet before you go. 

The smells and germs are trapped under the water and never make it into the air!

Fynemists do not mask odours, they eliminate them.

So, before you go for a number 2, spray 5 sprays into the loo

And as you sit there on your derriere,

not a whiff will escape into the air!

Reasons to share in our sensational secret...


  • Distinctly different from normal toilet sprays. Rather than covering the smell, Fynemists go for the source and eliminate the smell
  • Unique, sophisticated branding to fit in every bathroom
  • Exceptional natural scents


  • Much more affordable that imported competitors


  • Before you go pre-toilet sprays
  • Mask sprays
  • Air purifying and odour neutralizing room sprays
  • Odour eliminating sprays for garbage cans, cupboards, shoes
  • Sanitizing sprays for spills on toilet seats and floors (including pet spills)
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties kill germs before they spread
  • Essential oils also have therapeutic uses such as mood enhancement, lowering anxiety and much more
  • Travel/pocket size 50ml is perfect to pop in your bag for use wherever you may go!


  • 100% pure and chemical-free ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly glass
  • Only natural packaging used
  • No animal products or testing on animals


  • Made with love and care in Stellenbosch, South Africa
  • All ingredients are sourced as local as possible to keep our carbon footprint low


  • All ingredients are thoroughly researched and chosen carefully, according to WHO recipes here applicable 
  • All essential oils are properly diluted as per the recommended dosages
  • Proper application for each product is clearly defined and stated with warnings where necessary.
  • Safe in septic tank systems

50ml Fynemist Lavender Luxury

R 120.00R 149.00


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