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50ml Fynemist Hand Sanitizer

R 99.00R 129.00
Product Details

Most hand sanitizers are aggressive, dry out your hands, and smell awful. We designed a hand sanitizer that effectively gets rid of germs whilst leaving your hands moisturized and freshly fragranced. Essential oil-enhanced Fynemists’ hand sanitizers are formulated according to the World Health Organizations’ recommended formula. The alcohol sanitizes and evaporates quickly whilst the essential oils linger longer, extending the sanitizing effect on your hands.

Sanitize, moisturize, and fragrance naturally with Fynemists’ WHO based hand sanitizers. Our essential oil-based antiseptic hand sanitizers not only smell wonderful, but also have antimicrobial properties to enhance the sanitizing effect. The essential oils have antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. The moisturizing effect comes from using glycerin in our formulations.

Size: 50ml.
Ingredients: Alcohol, glycerin, and essential oils.
Fynemists’ hand sanitizers are available in one signature scent.

Our hand sanitizers contain the ingredients and percentages recommended by the World Health Organization.

Fynemists hand sanitizer is available in one signature scent (think indigenous Rose Geranium…)

We use the World Health Organization’s recommended formula for effective hand cleaning.

The specifically chosen blend of essential oils enhances the antiseptic value of our hand sanitizers. They include antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic benefits to help you stay free from disease-causing germs. The essential oil fragrance lingers well after the alcohol has evaporated, leaving a fresh natural scent on your hands.

How does it work?
The sanitizing alcohol evaporates quickly, but the essential oils stay on your skin longer. This provides you with prolonged protection from disease-causing organisms.

Does it moisturize?

Yes! The moisturizing effect comes from added glycerin in our formulations. Fynemists hand sanitizer gently moisturizes whilst sanitizing.

50ml Fynemist Hand Sanitizer

R 99.00R 129.00


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