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Design & Quality

Our creative design team designs our own private labels from shopping bags, backpacks, luggage to product packagings and store decors. We are motivated by the current trends in our work. 

Also, we offer efficient and timely delivery to our customers around South Africa  from our own distribution centre in Cape Town, South Africa. Every packaging contains all necessary product information.

Eco Lifestyle is based on innovation. To us, that means quality meets affordability for our customers. We design our own labels in-house and import a wide range of products from Europe.

This ensures South African's have the pleasure of a innovative product which fully compliant with every applicable European environmental and safety regulation - which is the highest standard in the world. As all products are tested within a laboratory, to ensure extensive quality tests in accordance with EU legislation, meaning we offer the best of the best.

We have a strategy of bringing the latest products from around Europe to South Africa every 2-3 months. So we can always offer something for everyone.